As a ferret owner, it is important to know that ferrets need about 30-60 minutes a week of sunshine.  I only recently found this out and decided to see what types of outdoor cages were available.  I searched on Amazon and found many rabbit hutches that would work great forContinue Reading

    Every cage needs accessories.  One very important one is the ferret bed. Every ferret likes to have a ferret bed in their cage.  There are many types of ferret beds available.  There are hammocks, sacks, and tents, as well as a wide range of blankets. You can alwaysContinue Reading

I have tried quite a few different litter brands over the years with my ferrets.  None of them work as well as the one I found a few years ago.  It is called Carefresh (Absorption Corp Carefresh Ultra Pet Bedding, 50-Liter).  I really like it as it really absorbs theContinue Reading