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Many people like to take their ferrets outside in a cage or carrier to get fresh air. I even know one woman who likes to put her ferrets in a cage and take them for a ride around the block in a wagon. The ferrets don’t get much exercise this way, but they do get fresh air and they seem to enjoy the scenery and attention that they get.

Even though your ferret is probably ver secure in his cage or carrier while outside, don’t let your guard down.  Keep the cage under close supervision at all times. Curious children may stick their fingers in the cage or even try to open it to play with your ferret.  This can create two problems.

First, if the ferret nips or even scratches the child, the child may get upset and tell his or her parents that your ferret bit him or her, whether he actually did or not.  This may lead to legal repercussions up to and including the euthanizing of your pet. Second, if the child does not close the cage properly, your ferret may escape and many lost ferrets die from exposure, hunger, or an encounter with another animal. (For one way to increase your chances of recovering an escaped pet, refer to microchipping).

Remember to keep your ferret’s cage out of the sun. Remember too that as the un moves, a shady spot may not remain shady. Consider covering part of the cage with a towel to provide some shade, although this usually isn’t adequate on very warm days when there is no breeze.  A bowl of ice water and frequent misting can make things more tolerable, but again, if it starts getting too hot outside, take your ferret indoors.



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