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60 Funny and Cute Ferret Names: Ferrets are terrific pets for kids and adults alike. I mean, seriously, who can resist that cute, little, furry face as it runs by you at the most awkward of angles, back hunched and ready to play? I know I can’t! What to Consider When Naming Your Ferret Ferrets are very silly animals, full of energy, attitude, and personality. They are most deserving of a name that will bring their personality forth, and there are plenty of names that will be suitable for your new pet ferret! Here are some tips to consider when thinking of ferret names: Assess personality:

Boy Names

Bouncer Dusty Scribble
Skeeter Scooter Skat
Mask Scout Oscar
Bandit Hopper Hobs
Skit Wheeler Sly

Girl Names

Daisy Penelope Minnie
Maggie Sofia Bell
Trixie Lola Francesca
Tink Frita Dot
Bunny Heather Kiki

Cute Names

Poppy Doodle Sweetie
Kisses Freckles Slinky
Smooches Sprinkles Muffin
Gummi Bear Nosey Snickers
Baby Brownie Snickerdoodles

Funny Names

Draco Tweek Guilty
Wobbles BoJangles Beastie
Frodo Sneezy Fuzzy Wuzzy
Scrabble Dopey Bob
Squishy Goof Furface
Francois Gilligan Curly

Your ferret’s personality might come out right away, or it may take some time for it to adjust to its new surroundings. Ferret names should not be rushed, so it won’t hurt anything to wait to see your furry friend’s personality! Use color or pattern: Different breeds of ferrets will have different colors and markings, and these can help with coming up with ferret names. Anything that generates name ideas is worth your time to consider. Ferret qualities: Think of qualities that are common amongst ferrets, such as behaviors and personality traits. Such qualities can make it easy to come up with ferret names!   There are so many great ferret names out there! Scribble? Doodle? Sly? There are so many great ferret names out there!




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