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Part of responsible ferret ownership is cleaning your ferret’s cage consistently. This consists of scooping litter, wiping down the cage, washing bedding, and other daily or weekly jobs. Since your ferret’s cage is a living area that is relatively small, it’s crucial to ensure that any mess is cleaned up quickly. You wouldn’t desire to live in an unclean house, and neither does your ferret! A cage that is clean is essential to your ferret’s overall well being, as well as the following hints can help you to maintain your ferret healthy and happy.

Picking Safe Cleaning/Deodorizing Products

It is simple to comprehend the way your ferret’s health is closely linked to the cleanliness of his cage, if you think about it. For instance, ferrets use the litter box many times a day. It can immediately create unsanitary conditions, if waste is allowed to develop in the cage. In case the odor is strong for you, think how much more powerful it is to a ferret with their sharp sense of smell. Now envision dwelling encompassed by this type of strong odor – it’d be as though your living room was in the center of a landfill.

Nevertheless, as significant as it’s to your ferret’s health to wash the cage often, it is also vital that you consider the cleaners which you’re using. It is very important to choose ferret- safe merchandises to clean the cage and to use them as directed. Furthermore, a lot of these cleaning products will help. With an established cleaning routine and common sense, you may keep your ferret’s cage sanitary and provide the safest of living conditions to him.

Bedding material soaked out of the litter pan. Empty and clean water bowls and bottles with soap and water. Be sure to really have a bottle brush on hand for effective cleaning of the water bottle.
Clean up any “mishaps” outside the litter pan completely with an enzymatic cleanser such as Nature’s Miracle. Remove any soiled bedding (sleep sacks, blankets, etc). Check to find out if it must be wiped down, if your cage has a pullout pan. Alter any papers that are soiled should you use paper in it.
Should you use cage linings or Piddle Pads(registered company), replace them.

Empty the litter box. Wash with soap and water. Rinse well with clean water. For your safety and comfort, utilize the bleach solution in a well-ventilated area. Rubber gloves and safety goggles are recommended.

Wash all bedding and cloth toys. Many can be washed in the washing machine, but be sure to follow manufacturer’s directions.

Wipe the cage down with a ferret cage cleaner.    Cover whenever you clean any part of your ferret’s cage or a cage accessory, make sure you rinse it fully! If the instructions don’t expressly say to let the product to dry on the thing being cleaned, dry soap or cleaning product residue can be damaging to your ferret.

When you are cleaning your ferret’s cage, remove your ferret. Permit the cage to dry fully before enabling the ferret back indoors. We advise that you simply set your ferret in a traveling cage, or a different room, an exercise pen while you are cleaning. Apart from being safer for him, this will also make cleaning much easier for you!


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