Here are some important ferret owning tip that include Setting up your ferret’s room, litter, keeping the cage clean in this great ferret video tutorial. CLICK GEAR ICON ABOVE AND VIEW AT 720p HD FOR BEST QUALITY* Some helpful tips for ferret owners: 1) use plastic carpet protector to protectContinue Reading

    Every cage needs accessories.  One very important one is the ferret bed. Every ferret likes to have a ferret bed in their cage.  There are many types of ferret beds available.  There are hammocks, sacks, and tents, as well as a wide range of blankets. You can alwaysContinue Reading

There are many reasons why ferrets need a cage.  The main reason to procure a ferret cage is because ferrets are very curious and should never be left unsupervised in the house as their curiosity can lead them to crawl into dark spaces and become stuck. It is assumed by mostContinue Reading

Many people wonder if ferrets should be kept in a cage. For their protection, ferrets should be kept in a ferret-proofed area of the home or in a large, well-ventilated cage when not under human supervision. However, ferrets should never be confined for an extended period of time. They needContinue Reading