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sleepy ferrets
Sleepy ferrets

There are many reasons why ferrets need a cage.  The main reason to procure a ferret cage is because ferrets are very curious and should never be left unsupervised in the house as their curiosity can lead them to crawl into dark spaces and become stuck. It is assumed by most new ferret owners that because a ferret can be an indoor pet that it is just like owning a cat, this is unfortunately not the case because ferrets can be extremely destructive animals. A  ferret can be destructive animal, but  they do not do it because they want to, they are destructive because they are curious and have poor eye sight.  Ferrets navigate their terrain by using their amazing sense of smell and their fantastic hearing.   An unsupervised ferret  can get into trouble by chewing  through electrical cables and can shock itself or  it could find loose change on the floor and decide to eat it, it could eat a variety of small metal and plastic items that it finds around your home, which could end up causing it to have a very upset stomach.  For this reason giving your ferret a place to play safely is a definite must, a ferret cage will keep an unsupervised ferret out of trouble.

Another reason for owning a ferret cage is that ferrets  terretorial animals and they like to have their own safe place to sleep and run and escape to when they are scared, upset or annoyed. Having their own space will keep your ferret happy and will keep him healthy.

 Some Great Ferret Cages


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