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Marshall Premium Ferret Litter 50lb
Marshall Premium Ferret Litter 50lb

Ferrets are highly social animals that should not be kept in a cage full time. They require a MINIMUM of four hours per day out of their cage, at least two of which should include human interaction. That said, when not under human supervision or when traveling, ferrets should have a well-ventilated and large cage for their protection. Ferrets need exercise, affection and human companionship to remain happy and healthy. The cage should include plenty of when it is necessary to cage a ferret soft bedding, safe toys, a water bottle, food crock and litter boxes filled with wood-based or Marshall paper-based litter. The ferret’s living space should be
temperature controlled with the temperature kept in their comfort range of
between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Ferrets can not tolerate temperatures above 75 degrees Fahrenheit as they are quite heated sensitive. T

here are a wide variety of cage options. Below are a few that many ferret
owners use. The space you have for your ferret’s cage and the number of ferrets that will be housed in it will determine which cage will work best for you.

Cages for in the House

Super Pet My First Home Multi-Level Cage
This is a good starter ferret cage. It also opens at
the top. The entire cage lifts off of the purple base to
take outside and wash or wash in the bathtub
/shower. The shelves can be difficult to remove
for cleaning but it is a good first cage. It comfortably
If they are small, fits two ferrets and three ferrets. For
large/heavy ferrets over three pounds, the shelves
may not be sturdy enough to support that weight.
At 24″ x 24″ x 41.5″ high (a bit taller with stand and
wheels, 46″), this isn’t a huge cage but it is a good
size and if you look around you can find one very
well priced. It has three adjustable shelves and a.
ramp, a slide and a funnel tube to connect the.
levels. While this might not be the best cage.
available, it is one of the largest in its price range.
The wheel frame, purple base, and cage are separate pieces. The cage part.
folds flat, which is really nice. The wheels allow for easy moving around. This.  This cage can be found in some local pet stores. It can be purchased online.


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