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Best Ferret Cages: Choose the Best One for Your Precious Ferrets

Ferret cages! These are cages for all of us, but these are homes that provide the ferrets a cozy, comfortable, and secure atmosphere. There are many ferret cages available in the market – small, large, simple, multilevel, expensive, cheap, etc. But, there is always a question running in the owner’s mind that which is the best ferret cage for his beloved animals? So today, we are going to talk about some leading ferret cages which are functional and even exciting for your little companions.

These 7 pens have almost everything your kiddo loves! These cages can give a better life to the ferret and keep them healthy. (And healthy animals are always happy as we all know!) Kindly read reviews of 2017 about some best ferret cages in the world.

Best Ferret Cage in the World

1) Feisty Ferret Home Four-Level Small Animal Cage 41.5″H with Wheels, Hammock

Prevue Hendryx BlackThis black hammer-toned ferret cage is winning all the competition and achieving the first position in our list. You can consider it as the biggest ferret cage, which has 2 doors attached to it.

  • A roomy cage that can give enough places to even the most enthusiastic ferret.
  • Locks and doors are secure so no animal can bypass the cage ever.
  • 3 stages and ramps for easy ferret movement.
  • 1 sack inside the cage for ferret’s resting and playing purpose.
  • 1 shelf under the main cage to save the space of toys and other accessories or food your ferret may want.

This cage is long enough to allow your ferret to jump and broad enough to let him play & run. Moreover, you can easily remove the platforms and bottoms to clean them. So, this might become one of the trendy investments of you at such a low cost!

2) Midwest Ferret Nation with Stand

Midwest Critter NationMidwest is a leading brand if we talk about ferret cages. Mainly, this model gives two options of one story or a double-story. Along with that, it’s ferret cage is a double-door cage with half-inch horizontal wiring to deliver the maximum safety to the animals as well as fulfilling their climbing urges.

  • It comes with the feet ramps to save animals from the unwanted cuts and slips while passing different levels.
  • The necessary two activities of cleaning and feeding become accessible because of two large doors.
  • There are 2 plastic pan floors for the secure and wide play area.
  • 2 high expanded shelf for safe jumping of playful animals.
  • Quickly detachable shelves come with the facility of height adjustments as well as the changeable plate for proper cleaning.
  • Dual lock to double the security and make the cage escape-proof.
  • Worth the money as Midwest gives one year manufacturer’s warranty.

This cage is highly recommended for rats, ferrets, hedgehogs, and such small mammals. It can provide joyful experiences to your little creatures. Moreover, there are many attaching hook points to add hammocks, tubes, or some toys.


3) Kaytee My First Home Deluxe

Kaytee My First HomeIt is an attractive and cool purple cage with some fantastic facilities. It is a multi-level pet house. There is some exciting play equipment like a small spiral slide, trail, tunnel, etc. available in the ferret cage, which can give some creative and adventurous environment to your cute animals.

  • There are 3 comfortable shelves attached with the fun accessories for the safe landing.
  • The space between bars is 1” so that little fella can climb and fulfill their instincts of climbing.
  • These bars are made from quality material, so if your ferret tries to chew them, they will not be damaged.
  • There are some safety ramps to avoid cutting on the legs and other body parts.
  • Quick and removable scatter-less base for better cleaning and easy replacement.

Apart from these cool features, there is one more treat for you. This cage comes with caster wheels so that you can easily move and place them anywhere. These wheels come with the safety locks so no need to worry about your little friends. If you want some fancy homes for your ferrets, go for Kaytee – My first home deluxe.


4) Marchioro Sara 82 C3 Cage

Marchioro Sara 82 C3 CageMarchioro always tries to make some innovative designs of ferret cages. This model of the company is quite excellent. It comes with 32.25 inches which make it a mid-size ferret cage.

  • This pen is specially designed for small but enthusiastic animals with strong locks and 2 doors – one on the front side of the cage and other on the top.
  • It also has wheels, which is helpful in all the movement of the cage.
  • There are various tubes/tunnels for fun up and down in the cage.
  • 3 shelves for greater and playful access and the top shelf with a box house.
  • It comes with some cool accessories like a food bowl, and a water bottle.

The cage also has some snack clips and litter boxes, which makes it a clean and happy place to live for these small friends of yours! Just because of this thoughtful design, it is highly recommended for ferrets.


5) MidWest Deluxe Ferret Nation Ferret Cage

MidWest Homes for PetsAs mentioned earlier, Midwest is one of the leading brands which manufacture some best ferret cages. This double unit pet home comes with a revolving stand and two shelves.

  • There are 2 pans available for the wide space for playing. It also helps ferrets to avoid risky slips.
  • It provides 2 removable shelves and 3 ramps for the cheerful rides of your little buddies. The ramps come with covers.
  • The thoughtful design of the cage is comfortable for cleaning and feeding.
  • The material used in the making of the cage is sturdy and long-lasting. There is 1 year of warranty available by the manufacturer.
  • Available pans are leak-proof and completely hygienic.

There is an extra shelf available to put some items like toys or any accessories, etc. Its dual lock can protect your ferrets from any other dangerous animal. The best part is, any member of your family, whether small or big can operate this cage easily.


6) Super Pet My First Home

Super Pet My First Home MultiThis cage is the simplest and smallest. It might become your favorite one if you are a new owner of small animals. It is very light-weighted so that you can carry it easily.

  • The base of the cage is also made of plastic which is unaffected by tints.
  • There are 3 slopes, 3 drops, a food plate as well as a toy.
  • This cage is highly recommended for small animals like ferrets or bunnies.
  • The bars of the cage is sturdy and durable. If you have some naughty ferrets and if they love to chew the bars, you don’t need to worry much.

It is made of two materials – metal wire and plastic. Both the used materials possess high quality, and they are safe for your little friends. As it is small, it does not have any wheels attached to the cage.


7) Kaytee My First Home Habitat

Kaytee My First Home HabitatKaytee believes in giving a pleasant, happy, and healthy atmosphere to all your small pets. This mid-sized habitat is a cute multi-level home for small fellas like the ferret.

  • It has an excellent deeper base which avoids bedding and stops litter going out from the cage.
  • Its 3 shelves are there for some exercise and fun activities.
  • The available space between two bars is just 0.5 inches so that escaping is not possible.

The shelves and ramps are made from plastic; which is lightweight, safe, and easy to clean. The outer layer of the bars is chew-proof.


A Quick Comparison of Top Ferret Cages

Features Midwest Critter Nation with Stand Kaytee My First Home Deluxe Super Pet My First Home
Ramps 3 Safety Ramps 1 Safety Ramps 3 Safety Ramps
Shelves 2 Comfortable shelves 3 Comfortable Shelves 3 Comfortable Shelves
Pans 2  pans 3  Pans 1  Pan
Doors 2 Doors 1 Single Door 2 Doors

So, this is the list of some amazing and useful ferret cages. You should check every item with the help of the given link and choose the best one for your pet. We hope this article is helpful for you and one of the products can satisfy your ferret’s “my home’ expectations. Do invest in the best ferret cage or the biggest ferret cage according to the numbers of your cute ferrets.


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