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Taking your ferret outside on a regular basis an be both a blessing and a curse. Familiarizing your pet with the neighborhood may help keep your ferret from wandering off should he accidentally escape from your house. Unfortunately, once your ferret has had a taste of the outdoors, he may want to keep going out. You may find yourself having to “cut him off at the pass” every time your front door is opened.

Make sure everyone who comes in your house is aware that you have a ferret running around inside if they are out of their cage. If you know you are going to have a lot of traffic through your house at a particular time (such as during a party), lock your ferret safely in his cage or put him in a designated ferret room with strict instructions for everyone to stay out.

One of the easiest outdoor cages can be found here at Amazon. It is a playpen and works very well indoors to and can double as a travel cage.



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