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I have tried quite a few different litter brands over the years with my ferrets.  None of them work as well as the one I found a few years ago.  It is called Carefresh (Absorption Corp Carefresh Ultra Pet Bedding, 50-Liter).  I really like it as it really absorbs the urine and is very easy to scoop out the dirty areas, while being able to save some of the litter that is still usable.  I usually scoop out the urine and poo twice a day and just add a bit more in those areas, fluff it around and it is good to go until the next day.

The ferrets do not track it around the cage either, it does not stick to their feet.  I first saw this litter when I was at Petco looking for my next pet ferret. They had it in the big cage as bedding.  I saw how it absorbed well in that situation and decided to use in the litter box.  You can find it at various pet stores.  Amazon has it a fairly good prices.  A really good pet store that has this litter is located in Palo Alto, CA if you happen to be from the Bay Area.  If you are in that area, this is a great overall pet store for all types of pets and they have good prices.  I usually buy 5-6 large bags at a time and that lasts for 3-4 months for my two critters.

This is what the bag looks like  It comes in a few colors, but all stores don’t carry these.  I like the standard tan color the best. Give it a try, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.



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