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How to Set up Ferret Nation Cage

A ferret’s cage is his house, so he can be healthy and happy, and it needs to be both exciting and functional for your ferret. How could you create a cage which will fulfill his basic needs as well as entertain him when he wants to play?

Food needs to be readily accessible to your ferret, but not so easy so that he is able to dump or tip the bowl over. For the reason, heavy ceramic crocks or bowls that securely fasten to the sides of the cage are generally the best bet for ferrets.

Water containers ought to be chosen with the exact same idea in mind – easy to reach, but challenging to tip over. Also recall that a few ferrets like to “snorkel” in their water, and for all those types, a side mount water bottle (like the ones used for bunnies) may be greatest if they will willingly work with it. Otherwise, the same fashion of heavy crocks or clip-on bowls used for food can be utilized for water.

Bedclothes might be the most crucial thing to your ferret. Ferrets that do not need a location to hide and call their own have been known to suffer from extreme instances of “cage stress”. There are many sleep areas commercially available – sleep sacks, burrows, cups and hammocks, but you may discover that your ferret will probably be more happy, or equally as happy, with one of your old T-shirts. Either way, ensure that your ferret’s sleep and burrowing needs are satisfied.

Litter must be chosen with 2 things in mind: security for the odor and ferret control. All these aren’t always the top options for a ferret, while there are litters made for cats. They could also possibly cause a blockage that is fatal if some of it should be ingested, plus it is also hard and dusty on a ferret’s sensitive respiratory system. Wood shavings aren’t a safe alternative only because they contain essential oils that vaporize and are harmful to ferrets’ lungs. Therefore, recycled paper newspaper, corn cob, or wood pellet bedding are the best choices for ferret litter boxes. Wood pellets and recycled paper are the most absorbent, which means they’ve the best scent control.

Lastly, a ferret must be supplied with entertaining and safe toys to play with when you are unavailable. Be careful not to leave them with something that they could shred and ingest. There are lots of toys accessible pet stores made particularly with the needs of a ferret in your mind. You’ll understand he is happy and safe by getting some of these to amuse your pet.

You can really be sure he will have the very best cage potential, in keeping the aforementioned ideas in mind when setting up your ferret’s cage!


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