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Supplies mentioned in this video listed below:

– plastic carpet runners to protect the carpet under the cage. Also great for putting near closed doors so the ferrets can’t dig at the carpet. It’s only about $5.99 for a roll of it at Lowe’s, Home Depot.

– locking bin for the wood stove pellets for litter

– didn’t mention here but a tall kitchen garbage can for the room you keep your ferrets in. I keep mine in the closet in this room and it makes cleaner the litter SO much easier!

– a made with real meat, high protein grain free food. Mine eat Blue Buffalo Wilderness. If you also have cats this in an excellent food for them so feed it to both the cats and ferrets.

– Ferretone – vitamin supplement http://tinyurl.com/ferretone

– Ferret Chew Treats by NBone

– dryer, duct tubes, Ferret Thruway

– rice box – see my article about this http://www.examiner.com/article/build-a-rice-box-to-entertain-your-fuzzies

– ball pit

– lure toys you can wave and the ferrets can chase

– wall holder for the toys

– Ferrets For Dummies book – a MUST!!! http://astore.amazon.com/theferretpolk-20/detail/0470139439

– nail clippers

– ferret shampoo but only bathe once or twice a year – that’s IT!

Keep your cage clean, clean, CLEAN! Wash all bedding once a week. Dump the litter pans at least every third day. Clean up any “misses” DAILY. DON’T use small animal bedding in the cage.


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