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Ferret Bedding

Small Animal Plush Feather Hammock. This Multipet Small  Animal Plush Feather Hammock is made of nylon and plush material and is a cozy place for your ferret or small animal to get away and relax. The convenient hang tabs and clips allow for flexibility to hang or sit on the floor of your pet’s habitat.

You can use fleece, old clothes (not knitted and not anything a claw could get stuck in) for ferret bedding. You can also get sleep sacks, hammocks and a number of other things which have to be specially purchased. Old clothes are a much cheaper option, and ferrets love snuggling in them.
For the cage floor, I use old clothing and newspaper under that.  I also have nice bedding that I get online, snuggle sacks and hanging hammocks.

There’s a lot of debate about what’s good for ferrets and what’s not, but you will want to steer clear of wood shavings as they are dusty and can cause respiratory problems. Your ferret can potentially eat fluff, which could lead to a blockage. You’ll want to steer clear of scented woods also, such as cedar, as these are poisonous to ferrets. Hay is too dusty for ferrets and often carry parasites -plus the hayseeds are bad for ferrets, as it may get lodged in their feet.


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